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Historical Use

Historical use as retail stores since the 1940s. In our family since that time to March 2013.


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3 Bronx Stores


These were three retail stores: a fish store at 3090 White Plains Road, a vacant 2-bath deli at 3086 White Plains Road, and a tax prep store at 3084 White Plains Road. The stores were contiguous, with no gaps between them. Two were rented to good tenants. The fish and tax prep store leases expired September 30, 2012 and they then became month-to-month tenants. Zoned R6, C1-3, meaning that a potential investor could build a multistory apartment building or commercial building or community structure. Ideal for Medical Building, Church, Apartment or Condo Complex, and more.

There is a new CVS across the street. Our property abutted the Mount Carnel Pentecostal Church, which bought the property in March 2013. The three stores each have basements with extensive additional square footage of space for offices, storage, and commercial use. The vacant deli underwent a $60,000 renovation in 2012, improving the first floor as well as the basement. It also had a walk-in cooler/freezer in the basement and a new bathroom downstairs. Our master plumber brought the boiler up to code and installed a backflow device in 2013. In addition to the 4,400 sq. ft. (which is comprised of the 3 stores) there was also a back yard of 600 sq. feet, that could be used to build a park or plaza, or for other uses.

Basement Facts

One of the most attractive features of this property was that the basement area in each store was extensive and essentially doubled the square footage. The fish store (at 3090 White Plains Road, which really encompasses 3088 and 3090 White Plains Road) was the largest of the three stores. It was approximately twice as large as the other two stores. The middle store, the deli at 3086 White Plains Road, had the largest and most modern basement. It was renovated in 2012. The vacant deli also had a few beautiful floors in the basement, made of stone, together with a brand new bathroom. The walk-in freezer was in working condition. This address has historically been used as a bakery for many years, back to the 1940s. At that time it was known as Castellucci Bakery and Frank's Modern Bakery. The tax prep store (at 3084 White Plains Road) had office and storage space in the basement.

Sale Completed

This property was sold to the abutting church on March 18, 2013.

This property is for sale by owner.